Patric Pop delivering results in CASESTUDY: SKINSET by VICHY

Client: L'Oréal, Vichy
Agency: EuroRSCG, now Havas, Genève
Patric Pop's role: Concept, Art Direction, Illustration, Copywriting
Production company: Freestudios, Genève

Situation: The skincare brand VICHY (owned by L’OREAL) decided to target a new market and launch its latest product in 2007 :the SKINSET products consist of a cleansing foam and a moisturizer, designed for younger ages (14-19 years of age) that have problems with imbalanced skin, showing oilness and dryness at the same time.
In the past, VICHY only did target adult women of 25-30 years of age up to 70 years of age.

Problem: The young target group has seen their moms use VICHY products ; the brand is perceived as «uncool». VICHY products are available only at the pharmacy; the pharmacists are trained by VICHY to consult all skin issues. The teenagers have a natural resistance to enter the pharmacy and get a consultation.



  • Attract 200’000 potential customers in Switzerland with this launch

  • Target younger ages, 14–19 years of age; with main focus on teenage girls

  • Bring these new customers into the pharmacies

  • Respecting the extremely restricted budget of only CHF 45K (media buying not included)

  • Communicate the «5 signs of a perfect skin»; get the teenagers to use skincare on a regularly



  • · Breaking up the classic VICHY communication code: install a pink and baby blue color scheme, reflecting the products’ main color code.

  • Attracting the mostly feminine target group with 5 unique TV spots on main music tv channels; showing in these spots how easy it is to take care of your skin using SKINSET; break with old perceptions about what supposedly is good for your skin.

  • A young girl experiences mishappenings in a most amusing and sometimes crazy way.


Media Supports:

  • TV ads on music television channels like MTV and VIVA

  • Guerilla posters at schools and nearby

  • Flyers with glued-on samples

  • Flyer dispensers at schools and at pharmacies

  • Promoteams outside of schools, distributing flyers and samples


Patric Pop's role :

  • Creating the campaign and visual identity

  • Teaming up with a Swiss German copywriter; define the appropriate terms for teenagers

  • Convince the agency’s management and the client to break the corporate code for this unique occasion

  • Convince the production studio to produce the 5 commercials for only one quarter of the original cost estimate

  • Directing all external suppliers and production


Next steps :

To tap more effectively into today’s youth market, the following up-to-date communication means were also proposed, but in the end dropped for cost reasons:

  • Download all the spots from the website onto a cell phone and share it with peers

  • Offer the TV-spots’ music as cell phone ringtone

  • Send rebates to the website’s visitors to their cell phones

The solutions created by Patric Pop driving sales and delivered measurable results:

The campaign was an instant success, with teenagers flocking in droves to the pharmacies, selling out the product in record time.
The brand experienced a rejuvenation and started talking to three generations of women.
The tiny communications budget demanded for great negotiation skills in order to obtain the results wanted.
With every partner involved, being utterly satisfied, SKINSET was successfully launched.

For a larger view of the advertising and the commercials please visit the advertising section.