Patric Pop delivering results in CASESTUDY: 1664 BLANC

Client: Scottish&Newcastle, Kronenbourg, 1664
Agency: Euro RSCG, Genève
Patric Pop's role: Concept, Art Direction, Corporate Branding, Photography, Production


Situation: The french brand KRONENBOURG decided to extend its premium line 1664 and launch a new white beer named «1664 BLANC». While the 1664 is placed as a premium beer, generally the KRONENBOURG brand is associated with the image of a low-end, cheap beer that appeals to the masses.
With the addition of citrus aroma and coriander, this new white beer is created to appeal to the modern lifestyle; breaking away from the classic beer drinkers to an affluent, socialite clientele.


Problem: The agency had just won the client in a new business pitch based on the future strategic orientation. The only hint we had was the indication that the bottle would be entirely of white color (similar to «Malibu»). WIthin days before the production deadline, the agency was informed that the bottle was not anymore of white color, but had been changed into blue glass!
The entire campaign was redesigned in only a couple of days, still respecting the deadline.


  • Launch the «1664 BLANC» in Switzerland, with an independent below-the-line campaign while leaving room for the main campaign roll-out of the 1664 premium line and the 1664 BLANC 6-8 months later.

  • Generate synergies that would be later of use for the promotion of client’s other brands.

  • Appeal to the trendsetting and affluent beerdrinkers, 25 -35 years of age, who drink socially.

  • Compete with well-established brands like Hoegarden.

  • With the specially smooth mixture, the beer should also appeal to the feminine gender.



  • Creating the campaign’s theme «ARE YOU BLANC?» led to integrate the trendsetters into the buzz, just like privileged members of a private club.

  • Multiple answers appeal to the senses: «YES, TASTE ME», «YES, FEEL ME», «YES, TOUCH ME».

  • Promoteams toured every week in another city among the contracted bars and pubs.

  • The color code reflects the BLANC whiteness and plays with a number of supports.

  • The BLANC manifesto was written.




  • Print ads in store newspapers

  • Mailings and sales folders with information about the new beer for bar owners

  • Promoteams touring bars and pubs wearing T-Shirts and belts with prints like «ARE YOU BLANC? YES, …» and carrying cooler bags while distributing vouchers bearing a die-cut pf the bottle.

  • Bar staff wearing BLANC aprons

  • Bar decoration with 3m. x 1m. BLANC message

  • Tabletents, posters announcing the «BLANC Night» and lenticular posters

  • Store stands

  • Totems with 5 messages

  • Ad slides and Backlights for fridges at movie theatres


Patric Pop's role:

  • Creating the campaign and visual identity

  • Convince the client to simplify the existing logo in order to make it applicable to every support, like T-Shirts and belt buckles and make it appear younger and trendier.

  • Directing the creative and administrative team to completion of the project

  • Directing and supervision of all external suppliers and production.

Extension of the campaign

The campaign was extended 6 months later by adding special offers in bars and stores. All the communication was adapted to the specific needs, while respecting the corporate design, the global look and feel. I created all visuals for the five promotions from existing images of the packshots and rebuilt on the computer. Items included salesfolders, table-tents, flags and posters, give-aways for every promotion.


1664 BLANC
Promoting the 1664 BLANC led to offer lightly salted fortune cookies into which the winning messages
are baked. A surprising treat for the Swiss clients, for whom fortune cookies are a novelty.


1664 being official supplier of the America’s Cup Defender ALINGHI, this gave an occasion to make
a promotion during the final races.
The 1664 HAPPY HOUR, which took place at every victory of Alinghi, was launched.
In order to remember this promotion, red and white colored silicone bracelets were given away.
In the visual, the red bracelet is used to hold the beer glasses together.


In Switzerland, people were not yet used to ordering a PITCHER for the table.
Hence, a 1664 PITCHER was created, which got promoted by offering a tube of specially produced snacks.
The snack-tube’s shrink-wrap took over the scratched look of a typical 1664 aluminium can.


All campaign solutions created by Patric Pop delivered measurable results:

Despite the limited budget and almost intimate appearance in public, all the promotions were very
well received by the target groups, resulting also in larger retail space.
The precise organization of every project allowed to print all files together and saved the client a considerable amount of money. An unexpected extra, that made the highly satisfied client even happier.