Award-winning Creative Director and Communications Consultant.
High-end Headshot Portrait Photographer in Geneva.

Based in Geneva, Patric Pop is one of french-speaking Switzerland’s most accomplished creatives.

The Importance of Updating Your Headshots. Read my thoughts on my  blog .

The Importance of Updating Your Headshots. Read my thoughts on my blog.

Hello. Bonjour. Grüezi. Ciao!

During my long career as Senior Art Director and Creative Director I have been creating outstanding, award-winning work for a great number of clients.

Graduating from the prestigious Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles, California, with a Bachelor of Communication Design and Advertising and a strong portfolio, opened doors to work in some of Europe's finest agencies.

20 Years of professional Career Highlights.

I had the good fortune to live through many memorable events in my career. At a young age, I was selected and published by the specialized press among Switzerland’s most promising young talents in the advertising industry.

In Germany’s most awarded creative agency, I became assistant reporting directly to my unit’s Creative Directors where I would contribute directly to retaining long standing clients and create successful campaigns (s. case study InformationsZentrum Beton).

During my tenure in leading communication agencies I was key contributor to winning numerous awards with the right clients, projects and the teams. For 2 communication agencies I built their creative departments from ground up and got proposed partnership.

In 2002 I co-founded a small family enterprise, which I grew by 215% as managing director in my tenure over the past 10 years.

During that period, I got promoted as Headshot Specialist to associate level by Peter Hurley in 2014.

From Directing Photographers to becoming one.

While I was working as Senior Art Director and Creative Director in communication agencies, I organised, briefed and directed many photographers as well as supervising the editing during postproduction.
When I left the agency world, I quickly realised that all of my corporate clients needed portraits and headshots.

During my agency years I was surprised how little professional photographers were able to direct their models and subjects.
Seeing an opportunity in improving my knowledge, I got the occasion to train extensively with headshot industry's leader, world-famous mentor Peter Hurley. Refining my work to my strong portfolio of consistently highest quality, Peter Hurley appointed me the Geneva Associate of the globally operating Headshot Crew. This is a great honour, since there are just 80 associates within the 15’000+ professional photographers belonging to the Crew.

Following my grand-mother’s advice, I keep learning continuously to expand my professional knowledge in communication design, photography and see driven websites. Hence, I do regularly attend trainings and specialty workshops with highly respected creatives. The last couple of years I did travel to Los Angeles to learn from the best. That is how I learned from WPPI Grandmaster Jerry Ghionis everything about weddings and couple portraits and from Chicago based Michael Schacht contemporary portraits.

Sharing my knowledge and Coaching humans

Today I am best known to make everyone feel at ease in front of the camera. Perfectly fluent in English, French, German (and Swiss-German) and Italian, I do connect easily with my clients and offer a laid-back, serene atmosphere during the photoshoot. This guarantees the absolute best results for anyone’s portrait.

For the past years, inally, I have been mentoring professional international photographers in the Headshot Crew to build their level to associate status.

As guest lecturer I have been sharing my extensive knowledge to Bachelor and Master students of the SAE Film and Gaming Institute to help them understand the process of strategy, creative solutions finding and on how figuring out their future clients’s needs.

Additionally to my creative career, in 2002 I did co-found INNERCITYOGA. Since 2008 I have been the managing director, leading the center to becoming one of Switzerland's most respected yoga centers. Teaching some of the most popular yoga classes in town, I do guide my many students by precise instruction helping them accomplish their goals upon a smile.

I am looking forward to help you realize your goals, just contact me.

Patric Pop


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