The Process of your Headshot.

Each session contains the following 6 basic steps to success.


When you book, I do like to learn a bit about you and what you do expect from your shoot.
Is it a regular headshot for upgrading your personal profiles, or are you looking for a more elaborate portrait session? Maybe it is a gift to someone else?

Shooting times start at 08.15 before work


I coach you how


Each shoot is split up in coaching time, shooting time and editing time with you. I do shoot tethered, so that you do see the images directly on the computer.


I preselect the best images and provide a private link to view them.
You choose your favorite (s).
This selection is available for 30 days after the shoot.


Natural retouching of each image is top priority.
Packages include
Basic or Advanced Retouching.
Allow for 3-5 days of return time.


Each picture is delivered in several formats (s. packages).
You do receive a link with instructions to download the images for all web based activities.

Prints and other products take longer to deliver, allow for approx. 2 weeks.