Why you should have your Headshot Portrait Renewed.

The first reason is to ask yourself if the portrait that you are currently using still corresponds to reality ... the years go by, the fashion changes, just as the haircut. A bow tie worn at a wedding or a fancy gala soirée definitively is not adapted to your appearance in the business world. In professional portrait photography all superfluous elements are stripped so that your true personality stands out the most. Remember, your website's visitors decide on a glimpse of a second whether or not they want to get in contact with you, do business with you and hire you.

Juergen Pfingstner of CERN, Geneva by Patric Pop

Juergen Pfingstner of CERN, Geneva by Patric Pop

Show your personality in your Headshot.

Depending on the usage intended, a successful headshot shows your portrait as confident, approachable, jovial, playful, and decided.
A great headshot makes you simply stand out of the crowd and may differentiate you from your equally qualified peers.

Choose the best professional photographer for your Headshot Portrait.

There are many professional photographers out there and friends with digital cameras and smartphones able to take some nice pictures. But, there is a difference between “nice” and simply fabulous portraits. Those great portraits simply stand out from the crowd and you can spot them at once.
Make sure you consult different photographers. You should be able to distinguish a photographer's style and personality. Opt for the best photographer matching your taste, but also your budget and ambitions.

Hire the best Headshot Photographer in Geneva / Genève for your needs.

Having your portrait taken is probably the best long-term investment you will make in a while.
While some people are more than happy to be done with the typical “click, done” passport image, a true Headshot Portrait Photo Session is a continuous, structured process of engaging your personality. The best headshot photographer meets your ambitions keeping the session informative, fun and engaging.
If you feel you have found your photographer, please consult the different packages offered.

Before and after headshots of Juergen Pfingstner of CERN. The picture on the right shot by Patric Pop in Geneva is SOOC Straight out of camera.

Before and after headshots of Juergen Pfingstner of CERN. The picture on the right shot by Patric Pop in Geneva is SOOC Straight out of camera.

A good Headshot Portrait photographer makes you look photogenic.

Many people do not feel photogenic. I bet you remember those horrible pictures taken at family gatherings where your mom told you to “SMILE!” and “Open the eyes!”.
In my headshot photo sessions, I do use structured coaching techniques to work together with you towards the best portrait ever, one that you will make you happy.
You might want to check out the the BEFORE & AFTER section, where you will see images taken before my COACHING as well as the ones following my coaching.

A great Headshot Portrait shows your full potential.

Guess which headshot of this presentation of AGRP members has been shot by Patric Pop?

A quick glimpse at your headshot may determine whether someone wants to hire you, do business with you or subscribing to your blog. Leaving an excellent first impression with your potential clients, business partners, your future boss or friends of a friend is mandatory.

In the age of social media everyone needs working on personal branding including a professional headshot which displays your experience and personality in articles and blogs, on websites and job applications.

Headshots are a sensible investment towards a better presentation and pay off rapidly when that very first long-lasting impression of yourself gets you the job, the new business request or generates interest in your offering.

A fabulous Headshot Portrait boosts your confidence.

Can you imagine getting up in the morning and launch your busy workday with a morale booster?
We all have areas where we hold back. If you are timid, or some part of your face is bothering you, we work together to bring out the best in you and stun your friends and family.
Under my trained eye we explore the best angle for your face, work on eye differences and show or hide your teeth.
Will you ever look the same way at yourself after receiving some seriously great looking headshot?