The importance of professional wedding photography.

When choosing your Wedding Photographer in Geneva and canton de Vaud, consider preparing and investing as you do for all the other details of your nuptial bond.

Your memories remain after your wedding

Preparing your wedding can feel like an almost monumental task: churches and temples to be booked, grand hotels for the receptions, spas to be tested, dress rehearsals, catering, florists, invitations to be sent out… There are just many things to plan ahead to make the day perfect.
Finally, the big day arrives that was worked towards for months or even years.
Most newlyweds report that they spent their wedding day in a constant blur, sharing their time between celebrating with their families and guests and handling last minute emergencies.
You are not alone. I have been there!

Keep Your memories Forever

What remains are the memories of a splendid day, of love and laughter, living in the present moment. Captured by your talented portrait photographer, those sweet memories are kept alive, lasting beyond the novelty into the next generation. It is the visual impact that revives the anecdotes, the smells, the vibe of the day triggering our emotions as on during your wedding.

By choosing the right professional photographer for your wedding, remember to get the talent that creates lasting emotions on your big day. I cannot stress enough how important a tight cooperation, understanding, possibly even sort of friendship between the couple and the photographer is.
You deserve the absolute best! That is why it is so is important that we make sure I am the right choice for you.

If you value talent, creativity and Respectful treatment of your precious moments, we should sit down and getting to know each other.

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Getting to know each other allows your wedding photographer to understand your personal views and wishes, as well as specific family dynamics.
Are you looking for a specific style?
Would you rather wish « clichés volts » photography, stolen moments of the ceremony, guests and yourself?
Or are you rather looking for some dramatic imagery accepting guidance of the professional photographer?
Is the focus more on celebrating the love and sharing, or rather formal portraits?
Knowing all these details makes all the difference between a good and great wedding day.

Maybe you would like to start with an engagement session to announce your love? Or if your partner is quite nervous, scheduling a headshot session could be great to break the ice and warm up to portrait photography.

All-day COVERAGE of your wedding

You are in my center of attention during the entire day for your wedding, usually between 10am until midnight. Like that all the important moments are captured and preserved forever.


All-day wedding coverage starts at 2'950.–
Wedding collections including an album start at 3’950.–

Let us meet at the place of your choice to sit down over tea, coffee or champagne and get to know each other,
Patric Pop