Prepare for your Headshot Portrait session at Patric Pop Photostudio in Geneva.

Your Headshot Portrait Photo Session is a continuous, structured process of researching your best angles, and engaging your personality through different expressions. While we work together towards a splendid result, I will keep your session informative, fun and engaging as clients mention in their testimonials.

Booking your Headshot Portrait session.

Schedule your headshot for a day that you know you can de-stress.
Once we set the date, I will ask you to send me also a picture of yourself to do a basic preset on my lighting.
Ladies: Scientific research has shown that the menstrual cycle also shows on your skin. Schedule your headshot session for a day where your will shine.

Prepare for your Headshot Portrait session.

Drink plenty of water several days preceding your headshot session.
No alcohol the night before (it will give you puffy eyes and bloat the skin).
Try to get plenty of sleep, not only the night prior, but already for several nights before.
It doesn't hurt to get healthy (taking a yoga class prior helps to destress. Innercityoga urban yoga center is just round the corner).

Choose the right Make-up for your Headshot Portrait.

Women: Please apply as little make-up as possible. I have a preference for you to apply the NUDE-LOOK make-up.
I usually do work without make-up artist or hairdresser; this service can be requested at a surcharge. The make-up artist/hairdresser is not included in the packages and has to be paid directly at the photoshoot.
Basically come to the photosession as you would go to a work meeting and as most people know you.
If the make-up is too heavy,  you will feel pretzeled up and not be yourself.
Exception: if you are known to always wear heavy makeup, apply it as you you usually do.

Men: No make-up is needed for men, but make sure to apply a good cleanser on your face.
If you would like to go for the casual look, arrive unshaved with a three-day stubble. We will start shooting the casual look first, then have you shave (if wished) for the more professional looks.
Please remember to bring your shaving kit with you. There is a bathroom available for you.

Lastly for both genders: remember to either cut back or pull visible nasal hair.

Bring the right Clothes to your Headshot Portrait session.

Make sure you are comfortable with what you wear.
Bring a selection of clothes. Together we will decide which color and look will fit you best.
As a recommandation, bring some smart business clothes and some relaxed, elegant clothing plus one or two funky pieces if you opted for the “THE CEO” package. Unless you want to reshoot frequently, opt for classy, timeless (some would say neutral) clothing.
Please have shirts and blouses ironed prior (wrinkled clothes show and the Hi-end retouching rate will be applied).
Please stay away from clothes with heavy patterns or prints on T-Shirts, as this will distract the eye away from your face.

Music creates the best atmosphere during your Headshot Portrait session.

I love listening to music. Music helps shaping the atmosphere. Let me know what makes you feel comfortable; you are free to bring your own mixtape, too. I use the Jambox connected by Bluetooth, hence any playlist on your smartphone works.
However I keep the volume low in the background as I am focussed primarily on our working process.

We edit the images together during the photo Headshot shoot.

I do shoot your Heashot session “tethered”, as my camera is connected directly to my computer. Every image shows up within seconds and helps us direct better your
Every couple of minutes we have a quick glimpse at the results, edit out the bad ones and mark the good, and the great shots. Depending on the package chosen, I normally take from 100 to 400 pictures for the best results possible.


We decide together on what Background color to choose for your Headshot.

I shoot against a white, grey or black background. Together we define which background color suits your skin and clothes combination best, as well as addressing your needs. Please do not ask me to shoot on a blue background, this will not happen - the eighties are over.


Benefit from my Coaching technique during your Headshot Portrait session.

My specialty is coaching you during the session to obtain the best results possible. Together, we will see the transformation from shy and scared of the camera to a confident, beautiful, radiant human being.

We select the best images from your Headshot Portrait session.

Preselection: within 2-3 working days a preselection of the best shots will be uploaded to an online proofing gallery (depending on the package chosen between 10 and 50 images).
You will indicate your favorites.


Retouches will be applied on the images you did select (extra images can be requested at a surcharge).
Basic retouching includes retouches on blemishes, overall color, stray hairs, eyes
High-end retouching includes retouches on blemishes, overall color, stray hairs, eyes, + eye-rings + teeth + wrinkles + wrinkles on clothes.
In order to preserve your natural features, I go easy on retouching wrinkles and laugh lines. Taking out all the features would make your portrait not realistic, whereas some retouchers do not know any limits.

Final images will be delivered about 2-3 days after indicating your favorites.
You will receive a private link to download the images directly on your computer along with instructions.
Depending on the package chosen, images come prepared for social media, usage online and in the larger packages also as high-resolution files for printing and the press.

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Usage of your finalized Headshot Portrait photo.

All headshot pictures are destined for your personal usage, on your social media profiles, blogs and personal websites, personal business cards as well as personal prints.
Corporate: For usage on corporate websites, corporate brochureware, posters and advertising or corporate businesscards please inquire first. Depending on the usage, a 100% surcharge (more if used in advertising) is applied.

If you still have questions about your Headshot Portrait session contact me.

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Please feel free to contact me anytime for additional questions.