Professional Photographers Work Better With Professional Gear

Discovering the Think Tank Production Manager 50, my professional gear for all of my on-location photoshoots.

Discovering the Think Tank Production Manager 50, my professional gear for all of my on-location photoshoots.

I am by no means a gear head.
Whereas some folks spend a dinner party convincing other guests that their gear is the best – and, annoyingly like to camp on their position – mainly if they are Canon, Nikon, Sony or Pentax shooters, I usually step away from such discussions.

To me the gear that I use at this moment, is the best I can imagine for the job and I know how to handle it for the best quality results wanted.

When I was studying at Art Center College of Design, first in La Tour-de-Peilz, then Los Angeles, California, my photo teachers kept preaching to look for cost effective alternatives to expensive gear. And in all the years art directing other professional photographers I have seen the multitude of techniques, accessories and approaches leading to fabulous results.

Whenever I have been leaving my humble photostudio near Rive and the Rue du Rhône in Genève / Geneva, to travel to a corporate photoshoot, I always felt like a fraud not owning professional gear to stash away all my precious equipment. You know, the lights, strobes, softboxes, lighstands, cables, extensions, reflectors and deflectors, and finally the camera body and lenses.

I had been considering getting a hardcase wheeled golfbag to travel to the locations. But then again that solution did feel too much of «bricolage», a do-it-yourself approach.

Come in the day that my path crossed the latest product of ThinkTank, the Production Manager 50. And I fell in love.

This is one beast of a trunk. The quality looks and feels great.
And I am blown away by the number of functional details that make this trunk probably my most important addition to my gear.
It really changes my life. A couple of months ago, I did hop on the bus to a corporate shoot. At that time, I had 5 different bags with equipment hanging on my shoulders

Now, with the Thinktank bag, I hop on the tram at Rive or the bus at Rue du Rhône and arrive with one single piece holding all my professional equipment.
Setting up on location is a piece of cake, as everything is neatly stashed and organized to my likings.

And boy, everyone is just so impressed. It says professional photographer to the connaisseurs and turns heads as I could wheel a corpse around.

The only downside I have noted in using it for the past year, is the weight. It aloneweighs over 10 kilos. And it is a sheer pleasure to carry it down and up again on a flight of stairs! That is why I practice my yoga at INNERCITYOGA, to keep my core strong and my back healthy!

Indeed, an indestructible true workhorse for professionals shooting portraits and headshots for companies and international organisations.
See you on location!

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Business Portrait in Market Magazine of Headhunter Christophe Mauron

While over the years I have been getting used to see my work published in different magazines, it is always a pleasure to discover my portraits in printed format. It makes me feel like a kid before the Christmas tree, regardless of brochures, print media and magazines or a company newsletter.

Christophe Mauron of Lotus Partners Executive Search in Genève / Geneva. Photo Credit: Patric Pop Photo Studio

Christophe Mauron of Lotus Partners Executive Search in Genève / Geneva. Photo Credit: Patric Pop Photo Studio

This time, I found my portrait of Christope Mauron, Founder of Lotus Partners Executive Search in the Swiss magazine Market that aims for the HWNI (High Net Worth Individuals).

As Headhunter recruiting candidates to top level management postions, Mr. Christophe Mauron knows only too well the importance of an excellent picture. That is .also why he had hired me for taking the Headshots of all the recruiters at Lotus Partners one year earlier.

At the occasion of the photoshoot organized to show the new and beautiful offices in down-town Genève / Geneva, Mr. Mauron asked me to add a portrait shoot for the press publication to the to-do list. We seized the opportunity of radiant weather showing the sights of Geneva overlooking the roofs of old-town from the last floor of the building near Rive and the Rue du Rhône.

The deadline to hand in the final image was tight, but I made sure to Rush deliver the business portrait to the client.

Now, it would have been just so great, if only the magazine would have added the credit to my image. Nobody is perfect.

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New beast on the block.


Did I mention that my main camera dropped to the floor and was totalled when I tripped over the tethering cable during a corporate headshot session at SITA? I was broken on that day.
And to my sheer happiness, my photodealer just me delivered the only a99ii they received in Genève / Geneva, the new flagship of Sony.

All I can say is: Holy Smokes! Welcome home, baby.
I am sure that this beauty and my artistic talent will allow me to push my professional work even further.

I am looking forward to use this beast on the corporate photoshoot for Headshots and Business Portraits next week, that I just got signed and booked this afternoon!

Stay tuned, my friends. The future looks bright at the end of the tunnel.

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Good Reasons to Renew Your Headshot Business Portrait

Good Reasons to Renew Your Headshot Business Portrait

All of my clients have in common that they are looking to improve their personal and social branding. Some of them are in between jobs. Some simply seek to reposition their identity within the organisation they have been working at for some time.
Finally, some come to see me to announce their appointment to a new role.

Don’t wear patterns to your headshot - unless you own them.

Headshot Portrait by Patric Pop Photo Geneva / Geneve of Dr. Med. Dent. Laetitia Lenga

I usually advocate to wear solid colors when having your headshot taken. Patterns or prints do distract the viewer’s attention away from your key features of your face.
Your expression does consist of a play of eyebrows, eyes and the shape of your lips, also known as smile. The glitter should show in your eyes and not on your sweater or blouse.

In very rare cases, patterns actually do work as in the case of Dr. Med. Dent. Laetitia Lenga of Geneva. The blouse she brought for her Headshot Portrait session - while patterned - did fit perfectly all color tones in the image: white, grey and black.

And as bonus, she totally owned this shot, streaking this sneaky and savvy expression.
Can you tell we did have a good time in my photostudio by Rue du Rhône?
Dr. Lenga is not only talented but also massively funny!

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How many shades does your portrait show?

How many shades does your portrait show?

How many shades does your portrait show?
Accordingly to British researchers, men stare in the mirror 18 times, women even 38 times a day. While these impressive numbers of checking in with your mirrored self reassure you about your familiar features, yet, we seldom take the opportunity to to see us under a - please allow the pun - different light.

Stepping in front of the camera of a professional photographer changes the way you look at yourself. Flaws may be appearing more than expected on the tethered computer screen connected to the camera. When stepping out of your comfort zone, you are confronted with unfamiliar treats brought up by me, your photographer.

First, I do objectively assess all of your face’s features and do coach you to make you look your best. And if I see the potential, we do go the extra mile. In this case, I am absolutely thrilled by this shot taken of Vincent Leroux, who by day works in the high-end real estate business and by night turns into a …

Instead of hiding them, I wanted to portray his trademark, the prominent scars resulting from an emergency surgery when he was a toddler, with over 100 stitches after a dog did chew half of his face off.

And I am very pleased to learn that Vincent is so happy with the result that he took away the tame corporate headshot and uploaded this portrait as his official LinkedIn profile pic.
For sure he stands out of the crowd now - who knows if we are launching a new trend by showing a different shade?

As always, I am happy to answer any questions.
Patric Pop

Official Associate of Peter Hurley’s Headshot Crew

Paying attention to your look pays off: +167%

Paying attention to your look pays off: +167%

Paying attention to your look pays off: +167%
This testimonial from my client Zhanara is a wonderful example of how our online presence is valued.
« I always wanted to do a professional headshot which would look beautiful yet smart and natural, which is always a challenge when you work in non-beauty industry as it is hard to keep a balance between all of them. I enjoyed working with Patric and grateful for all ideas and coaching he provided me with to make my best shot. When I changed my profile picture on LinkedIn, the visibility of my profile has increased by 167% vs the previous week – people really do pay attention to your look! »

The way how we position ourselves in the wide world of the interlinked web determines also who notices us. Chances are that we leave a lasting first impression on the viewer, and that recruiters bookmark your profile for future reference.

While I do consult and coach countless clients in outplacement who are seeking to change jobs and transition to new careers, I do have the chance to also work often with individuals who put emphasis on their perceived value.

Investing in an updated Headshot generates improved interest in your profile, stirring up a conversation with business partners, potential clients and within the company itself.

What outcome would you hope happening to you as a result of a new Headshot?

White on White

My client Raphaela rocking the white on white look.

My client Raphaela rocking the white on white look.

When being asked what to wear for having your corporate headshot taken, I do recommend to bring a variety of clothes that you feel comfortable in. Obviously, I am talking about professional looking clothes, not the worn sweater that you still have laying around since university. Most often this includes a dark jacket, and either a shirt or blouse. But sometimes I get positive surprises like this white dress that my client Raphaela brought in. First, we did shoot the more classic version, but I found the look too severe for her welcoming personality.
We then shot her against a grey background and finally settled for the white on white look. With some people the white on white background does not work, but in this case, Raphaela totally rocked it!

The rest is coaching her to be confident in front of the camera. And I got news that my work has helped her land the new job : )
Happy client, happy photographer.

– Patric Pop, Headshot Photographer with Studio at Rive in Geneva, Switzerland
Official Associate of Peter Hurley's Headshot Crew

Back in the Studio - RSVP


Back in the Photo Studio as of 17 August - RSVP now.

I took the summer to explore natural lighting and many different light settings.
But now it is time to go back to the photostudio in Geneva and continue to excel at providing Headshots that get you the job, something that is part of the job description of my own high expectations as Official Associate of Peter Hurley's Headshot Crew.
I also did explore more the Portrait route, not necessarily the regular Headshot, using my beautiful hand-crafted canvas backgrounds.

Here, I played a bit with University grad student Charlotte in a super-tight timeframe. This portrait is “SOOC” or Straight Out Of Camera, unretouched, just “as is”. I did this as a test shoot to experiment with new gear.

Anyway, Booking requests for photo sessions are rolling in now.
RSVP: Please use the Booking Form to inquire about openings to shoot your Headshot, Portrait, Family or Mommy and Me session.

Looking forward seeing you in front of my lens soon! Patric