WANTED: New Projects



As professional photographer and creative, nothing fills me with more joy than seeing my clients using their new headshots announcing a new role, or their business portraits for telling the world about leading a succesful project for their company here on LinkedIn or their website. 

As I am about to complete several larger projects, I am looking for your help to line up new projects. 

Word of Mouth is the best advertising.

A creative’s work is only as good as the happiness of the client. 
If you happen to know of friends, companies and organisations that need my level of expertise, I would be grateful if you kindly spread word about my work and maybe even put me into contact with the decisionmakers!

Thank you!

PS: This « headshot » is part of Titian’s portrait of color pigments seller Alvise Gradignan dalla Scala, ca. 1561/62, as seen in the Staedelmuseum in Frankfurt. 

I love the absolute presence in his eyes that I reciprocate in my photography work. But my own creative work was to include the reflections that I noticed on the 450 year old painting, bridging the gap between Renaissance and the 21st century.
No filter or photoshop, only recropped iphone pic.

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