Thrashing your expensive photo camera makes you a better photographer.

Thrashing your expensive photo camera makes you a better photographer.

When it comes to photography many people think that buying expensive gear makes them expert photographers. I fully agree that expensive camera gear does make all the difference in the quality of the picture, taking a somewhat undefined, slightly blurry photo to highly detailed image.
However, I support the idea that you do need to first understand how to build the dynamics of a picture, reading the light and the contours shaped by the shadows. Gaining an overall notion of what makes a picture look appealing.

Are you guilty of buying expensive?
Thrashing your expensive photo camera gear is a good idea when it comes to making real progress.

Put those zoom objectives away and get yourself a totally inexpensive point and click camera. This will force you to physically reposition the body, coming closer to the subject or moving away from it. This research of the perfect angle will make you see the world differently.
Obviously, the cheap camera will not produce the same sharpness as the expensive gear, but you will gain satisfaction from exploring your subject.
Crouching down, or standing on tiptoes, climbing on a rooftop, or shooting from floor level can give you different, interesting camera angles.
I recommend pushing the button of your shutter only once you are certain that you are happy with results. Repeating this process over and over again will make you a better photographer, taking time and patience.
So wait before taking your nice photo camera out of the trashcan - you will have to grow with the inexpensive material. And if you want to get rid of your really nice camera, you always can donate it to me ; )

Patric Pop is a Geneva / Genève based Headshot Portrait Photographer who returned to his passion after spending nearly two decades as one of the area's most accomplished creative art director in advertising and communication design. He used to love dogs and discovered recently his penchant for cats subtleties. Nevertheless he is allergic to both species' fur.