White on White

My client Raphaela rocking the white on white look.

My client Raphaela rocking the white on white look.

When being asked what to wear for having your corporate headshot taken, I do recommend to bring a variety of clothes that you feel comfortable in. Obviously, I am talking about professional looking clothes, not the worn sweater that you still have laying around since university. Most often this includes a dark jacket, and either a shirt or blouse. But sometimes I get positive surprises like this white dress that my client Raphaela brought in. First, we did shoot the more classic version, but I found the look too severe for her welcoming personality.
We then shot her against a grey background and finally settled for the white on white look. With some people the white on white background does not work, but in this case, Raphaela totally rocked it!

The rest is coaching her to be confident in front of the camera. And I got news that my work has helped her land the new job : )
Happy client, happy photographer.

– Patric Pop, Headshot Photographer with Studio at Rive in Geneva, Switzerland
Official Associate of Peter Hurley's Headshot Crew