Paying attention to your look pays off: +167%

A natural and beautiful Headshot of Senior Financial Analyst Zhanara Smakova

Paying attention to your look pays off: +167%
This testimonial from my client Zhanara, Senior financial Analyst for FMCG, is a wonderful example of how our online presence is valued.

« I always wanted to do a professional headshot which would look beautiful yet smart and natural, which is always a challenge when you work in non-beauty industry as it is hard to keep a balance between all of them. I enjoyed working with Patric and grateful for all ideas and coaching he provided me with to make my best shot. When I changed my profile picture on LinkedIn, the visibility of my profile has increased by 167% vs the previous week – people really do pay attention to your look! »

The way how we position ourselves in the wide world of the interlinked web determines also who notices us. Chances are that we leave a lasting first impression on the viewer, and that recruiters bookmark your profile for future reference.
While I do consult and coach countless clients in outplacement who are seeking to change jobs and transition to new careers, I do have the chance to also work often with individuals who put emphasis on their perceived value.

Investing in an updated Headshot generates improved interest in your profile, stirring up a conversation with business partners, potential clients and within the company itself. And at the end of the day, this translates in increasing the perceived value to the company.

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