How fierce is your competition?


Mine is nearing the 2 billion mark in 2015.
This is the expected number of smartphone users or a whopping 28% of the world’s population. In addition, those 2 billion people make only 42% of all mobile phone users.

What does that mean for a professional Headshot photographer?
With the latest smartphones boasting impressive photographic qualities, in theory, I am in competition with 4.75 billion people owning a mobile phone. Translate this in 4.75 billion photographers out there.
Does it make sense to still offer any professional photographic services?

Never has it been that photographic images have enjoyed such a popularity. While most people seem to be perfectly happy slapping a couple of filters on their images, the heightened awareness of the photographic image has lead to to an increased demand of high quality work.

And that is when professional Headshot Portrait photographers like Associates of Peter Hurley’s Headshot Crew come in. Trained and mentored by the reference in Headshot photography, Peter Hurley himself, we Associates work meticulously on our clients’s portraits. With an eye for every single detail, we scan our clients' facial features and adapt the light perfectly to correct any possible flaws in camera. The final product delivered never ceases to impresses our clients, their families and friends, work colleagues and even their competition.

If you feel your competition is fierce, what action do you take to differentiate yourself?I am looking forward answering your questions, as well as addressing issues with your current headshot.

Patric Pop
Official Associate of Peter Hurley’s Headshot Crew in Geneva, Switzerland