Don’t wear patterns to your headshot - unless you own them.

Headshot Portrait by Patric Pop Photo Geneva / Geneve of Dr. Med. Dent. Laetitia Lenga

I usually advocate to wear solid colors when having your headshot taken. Patterns or prints do distract the viewer’s attention away from your key features of your face.
Your expression does consist of a play of eyebrows, eyes and the shape of your lips, also known as smile. The glitter should show in your eyes and not on your sweater or blouse.

In very rare cases, patterns actually do work as in the case of Dr. Med. Dent. Laetitia Lenga of Geneva. The blouse she brought for her Headshot Portrait session - while patterned - did fit perfectly all color tones in the image: white, grey and black.

And as bonus, she totally owned this shot, streaking this sneaky and savvy expression.
Can you tell we did have a good time in my photostudio by Rue du Rhône?
Dr. Lenga is not only talented but also massively funny!

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