Have you ever wondered how it is to be in front of my lens?

Have you ever wondered how it is to be in front of my lens?

Have you ever wondered how it is to be in front of my lens?

100% of my clients are surprised on how fun and relaxed I keep their headshots session.

99.9% of all of my clients were nervous before their first time in front of the camera. All their worries and unease are gone once we start working together!

WANTED: New Projects

WANTED: New Projects

As I am about to complete several larger projects, I am looking for your help to line up new projects. 

Word of Mouth is the best advertising: a creative’s work is only as good as the happiness of the client. 
As professional photographer and creative, nothing fills me with more joy than seeing my clients using their new headshots announcing a new role, or their business portraits for telling the world about leading a successful project for their company.

Litigium at Patric Pop Portrait Studio: How to find a satisfactory solution for everyone

Litigium at Patric Pop Portrait Studio: How to find a satisfactory solution for everyone

Litigium at Patric Pop Portrait Studio: How to find a satisfactory solution for everyone
When Nati Gomez and Mathieu Parreaux came to see me at my photo studio, in addition of creating solo headshots, we agreed on creating a portrait with both founders of Litigium on the same image. Since Litigium is all about common ground between two parties, inviting dialogue by letting go, I wanted to create a setting where both of them harmonise as much as they do in real life.

Learning from the best. Or how to shoot great portraits of regular people.

Headshot Portrait of Yves K. by Patric Pop Photo in Genève / Geneva

Headshot Portrait of Yves K. by Patric Pop Photo in Genève / Geneva

Is he an actor? No. Is he a model? No.
Who is he then?

Answer: a regular guy shot by Patric Pop.

Ever since I have been working as a professional photographer, I am putting my focus is on creating the very best images for all of my clients. Originally, Yves was sent over by his CEO at HP to shoot some decent corporate headshots with me - I spare you the original image he had been using on his Linkedin profile – and out he walked with some absolute knockout images!

That is also the reason why I do keep reinvesting a lot into continuous training to learn from the industry's leaders.

I recently completed a training with Jerry Ghionis in Los Angeles.
If you are not familiar with Jerry, all you need to know is him being the most awarded photographer ever of the WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International), earning him the title of Grand Master.

Will I start now shooting weddings? I do enjoy working with people, but there is so much going on such a special day, not sure yet if that industry is for me.
But working with Jerry Ghionis made me look at my work differently.

Look at your client.

While in the past I had been focusing on the light, I started to look more at where the shades define the portraits. This process lead me to deepen my portrait work and to bring in more depth into my headshots. Depending on the facial features of each of my clients I do choose the lighting style and background color that suits them most.

Winning the Headshot of the Month competition.

With my improved way of working, I did win the international Headshot of the Month competition in September, with the shot of Yves that you see here.
In the final round of votes for winning the competition, my image did win by a 2/3 landslide against Emmy award winner Tommy Collier!

Not only is this a greatly appreciated feedback, now I am invited to New York City to work for 3 days with my mentor Peter Hurley, the master of Headshot photography over the past years.
He will also take my own headshot! The full « Shabang » as we Associates of the Headshot Crew say !

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Good Reasons to Renew Your Headshot Business Portrait

Good Reasons to Renew Your Headshot Business Portrait

All of my clients have in common that they are looking to improve their personal and social branding. Some of them are in between jobs. Some simply seek to reposition their identity within the organisation they have been working at for some time.
Finally, some come to see me to announce their appointment to a new role.

“The harder I practice, the luckier I get.”

“The harder I practice, the luckier I get.” To quote one of the all-time golf greats, Gary Player, I do see this happening all the time in my role as professional Headshot photographer.

While I do have the chance to shoot all year long clients from very diverse fields – smaller and medium-sized entreprises, CEOs, mommy + newborn, kids, teenagers, families, members of the committee of a golf club, etc… – I am often asked to shoot clients looking for a new work experience.
Whether they still are in the job, or have been unemployed for some time, all of my clients have one thing in common: they realized that in order to be seen on the market, they need to do everything possible to stand out from the crowd.


Highlight of the year: Peter Hurley appoints Patric Pop as Associate Headshot Portrait Photographer

Highlight of the year: Peter Hurley appoints Patric Pop as Associate Headshot Portrait Photographer

Highlight of the year: Making it to Associate of Peter Hurley

Congratulations on 25 years!


It has been an absolute pleasure to shoot Anika Jakober's Headshot Portrait in my photo studio near Rive, Geneva. Listening to my directions she was an absolute pro and we completed the photosession in no time with this stunning result.
At this time, I would like to express my congratulations on the 25th anniversary of her recruitment agency - Anika Jakober is one of the best known headhunters in the area.

J'ai eu le plaisir detirer le portrait institutionnel de Madame Anika Jakober, l'une des chasseuses de tête les plus reconnues sur la place Genevoise qui vient de fêter le 25ème anniversiare de son cabinet de recruitement!
Non seulement elle appliquait mes instructions comme une pro mais on avait terminé la sécance en un rien de temps pour ce résultat magnifique.
Toutes mes félicitation pour ce grand jubilé!

Ghosts don’t get seen: upgrade to a professional Headshot picture.

Your profile picture says a lot about you. But what happens when using placeholder images on your social media accounts?
LinkedIn calls that placeholder image “Ghost”. And just like a “real” ghost in real life, those placeholders on LinkedIn leave a weird impression to anyone seeking to get in contact with you.
We all know how getting noticed gets more difficult by the day. And while a perfect Headshot Portrait could make all the difference, a great many users keep using their “Ghost” pictures.
When I do see a “ghost” picture on LinkedIn, I do wonder if that person has something to hide. I understand companies and organisations trying to select the best candidates ruling out any possibility of discrimination by basing their decisions solely on the candidates’ work experience and not on looks.

However, I did experience the following insight with a Headshot client of mine. After her firm was dislocating from Switzerland, my client was hunting for a new job. Yet, she kept using only that “ghost” profile picture on professional websites.
Then she came to see me to have her Headshot Portrait taken. Knowing her job interview would take place the following week, I did express-rush the selection process and retouching of the final images.

After sending the final images, I did upload one of these images to my website portfolio on friday mentioning my client’s name.
On the day of her interview, my client still had not uploaded the fabulous new Headshot Portrait image to LinkedIn and was keeping the “ghost” placeholder pics.

By coincidence a couple of days later, I did check my website’s analytics and found there had been 7 (seven!) search requests using my client’s first and last name ending up on my website - and obviously on her Headshot Portrait! And yes, my client got that job.

As LinkedIn says, if you do post a picture of yourself, people are seven times more likely to click on your profile.

As Associate of the global Headshot Crew in Genève / Geneva, handpicked by my mentor Peter Hurley, the most successful professional headshot photographer of our time, I encourage all of you to put all chances on your side by either replacing the ghost image with a real profile picture, and even better upgrading by getting a professional Headshot Portrait taken that reveals your full potential.

I am looking forward hearing from you.
Wishing you a Happy Halloween and please don't scare me with lousy profile pics…