Back in the Studio - RSVP


Back in the Photo Studio as of 17 August - RSVP now.

I took the summer to explore natural lighting and many different light settings.
But now it is time to go back to the photostudio in Geneva and continue to excel at providing Headshots that get you the job, something that is part of the job description of my own high expectations as Official Associate of Peter Hurley's Headshot Crew.
I also did explore more the Portrait route, not necessarily the regular Headshot, using my beautiful hand-crafted canvas backgrounds.

Here, I played a bit with University grad student Charlotte in a super-tight timeframe. This portrait is “SOOC” or Straight Out Of Camera, unretouched, just “as is”. I did this as a test shoot to experiment with new gear.

Anyway, Booking requests for photo sessions are rolling in now.
RSVP: Please use the Booking Form to inquire about openings to shoot your Headshot, Portrait, Family or Mommy and Me session.

Looking forward seeing you in front of my lens soon! Patric