Patric Pop delivering results in CASESTUDY: SWISSQUOTE Online Trading

Agency: Alibi, now PulpAlibi, Genève
Patric Pop's role: Concept, Art Direction, Illustration, Copywriting


Situation: After the recession in 2002-2004,  which hurt their business, the leading Swiss online trading platform SWISSQUOTE asked for:

  • Growth
  • Stimulate transactions (generating cash flow)
  • Communicate the newly and officially obtained status as private bank by the Swiss Banking Commission
  • Change the existing visual (a man running across a bridge, symbolizing financial freedom)
  • The agency-of-record was threathened to loose the account if the numbers were not met.


  • Attract new clients; grow within 12 months by 133%.
  • Talk to «do-it-yourself» hobby traders, as well as to the professional fund managers, who use the platform to trade large numbers at lowest costs.
  • Create a campaign that can be easily understood in four different languages and adapted for diverse supports.
  • Using the company’s unique color.

Solution: What could create more impact than the image of someone like Ernesto «Ché» Guevara opposed to the bank’s interest of creating wealth? The images of Salvador Dalì, Ernest Hemingway, Winston Churchill, Josphine Baker or Enzo Ferrari were accompanied by their highly memorable quotations like «Be realistic. Ask for the impossible.»

Media support:

  • Print ads in general interest news magazines and specialized press.
  • Glued-in brochures in target magazines
  • Posters on public transportation
  • In-vehicle adscreens and animations, supported by dispensers for flyers and brochures.
  • Adscreens supported by promoteams in highly frequented spots, like Zurich central station
  • Online ads
  • Financial trade fair stand

Patric Pop's role:

  • Creating the concept
  • Writing the texts in German, as well as the claim «Discover the leader in you»
  • Convince both the agency’s management and the client to go with this bold concept proposed
  • Create an artistic interpretation of the celebrities' most famous portrayal to prevent any copyright infringements.
  • Directing all external suppliers, supervision of the production

The Solutions created by Patric Pop delivering measurable results:

The bold statement of this campaign stirred a lot of interest among the target groups and the media resulting in a highly successful communication.
The client’s alreday highly set expectations of growing by 133% in twelve months were met, but to everyone's surprised largely surpassed by another 50% in only nine months.
With a happy client, the agency kept the account.

For a larger view of the advertising and the commercials please visit the advertising section.